Homeowners and Business owners, at some point we all run into roofing issues because of poor roof maintenance. Or, maybe a bad storm, a little outdated or maybe you just need an update!

You may find yourself needing roofing supplies and don’t know how to get started for a roofing service. Generally speaking there are tons of stores you can go to shop in, or you may want to shop online- first you have to decide which route you’d like to go.

So now, you might be curious- What supplies do you need for roofing? First you’ll want to start by finding the perfect roofing nail gun to make things just a tad easier to put things into place. Next, you will want to find a hammer tacker stapler for a type of staple gun.

After you that you will then want to look for a roofing hammer or hatchet to help cut shingles and drive nails into them. There after, you will want to purchase an air compressor. Moving forward we will be looking for a roofing blade or utility knife to help cutting shingles as well especially into smaller pieces.

Those are just a few products you’ll need and what they do, but there are a few more you’ll need. Starting with scoop shovel, pry bar, tarps, measuring tape/laser tool, drill, saw horses, caulking gun, and again more. Now if you are wanting to dive a little deeper just to make sure you have everything you need to roof your house or business correctly you will want to look for these items- ladder and extension ladder (a must), ladder hoist, rake, broom, safety harness and other safety equipment, a hard hat, and to make moving all roofing supplies easier, a truck.

Now you have everything you need to start roofing, or just a general idea of the supplies you will need!

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