DIY House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

You may not be able to afford a junk removal service like some folks, but some services do a good job like

So do-it-yourself is the only option. Let’s shed some light on some tips and tricks to help you get that home clean fast.

First, when cleaning surfaces you want to make sure you are using the correct cleaner so you don’t damage the surface.

Read warning labels on cleaners to save yourself trouble later and save yourself money on home repairs.

Next, clean in sections and then divide those sections into logical steps.

For example, dirt follows gravity.

So you don’t want to start off sweeping if you need to dust.

So start off by dusting first and then the dirt will fall onto the floor where you can then sweep it up.

Also you always want to sweep before you mop.

If you don’t, you’ll just be smearing dirt around making a muddy mess.

After you do a thorough sweep, mop the floor.

Make sure your mop water is nice and hot and use floor cleaner that is meant for the type of floor you are cleaning.

If you don’t know what cleaner to use, look up cleaners on amazon and checkout reviews.

You also can watch youtube videos and how to clean a floor and they usually recommend particular floor cleaners as well as provide pro tips and strategies to clean the floor.

Basically, when it comes to cleaning your home you just want to think ahead and read labels.

Break things down into small tasks.

You could even clean a section of your home every day and rotate on a schedule.

This way it doesn’t seem so daunting and you’ll have time to accomplish other things that need to get done.

Hopefully these tips will get you started on your journey to clean your home and make it a little more enjoyable along the way!