concrete repair tips

So the concrete ain’t looking so hot. Pieces are breaking loose. Cracks are getting deeper. Longer. Wider. Youre home is looking homeless. So what’s a person to do? Well you could search for a Concrete Contractor. I have used Vano Concrete before. They’re pretty good. But, sometimes you just want to do it yourself. I mean come on. It’s just concrete. How hard could it be?

So this post is going to give you some tips about doing concrete repairs that I’ve picked up over the years. A few tips from pros. A few tips from amateur do it your selfers. Either way I’ve used these tips to do my own repairs and did a fine job of it. So let’s go.

Tip number uno. For hairline cracks your best friend is a caulk filler. It get’s the concrete right where you need it and keeps you from making a mess. Then just pull out MR. puddy knife and smooth it in. Easy.

Tip number two. For wider cracks you want to make the bottom of the crack wider than the top of the crack. Yes I know. What the heck for? It just helps the concrete set better. To do this just use a chisel and hammer and work at an angle.

Tip number three. For edge repairs you want to use good ol mister chisel. Chisel away till you hit sturdier concrete that’s not crumbling. Then get out the drill and poke some holes so you can insert some rebar for support.

Well there you go folks. Three concrete repair tips to help you on your way to becoming a concrete repair professional. You’re welcome!

Till next time…