diy air duct cleaning

So why on Earth would you want to clean your dirty air ducts yourself!? I mean, who wants to go poking about a dusty network of ducts with who knows what crawling or lurking within? Well, you’ll not be shocked to know that lots of people do it. So that’s what we’re going to talk about here. Should you or shouldn’t you clean your air ducts yourself.

DIY Air duct Cleaning Pros

So what’s the advantage of DIY air duct cleaning? Lots.

First, money. It’s way cheaper to get that mess cleaned up yourself. The average air duct cleaning can be expensive. For example, I searched “air duct cleaning Frisco” and did some price shopping. The average price for air duct cleaning was around $400 give or take. So if you’re short on cash, then DIY has a big advantage.

Second, quality. You’re house. So you’re probably not going to be cutting any corners. If something pops up that seems to difficult you’re going to take the time to do it right. Because whose going to screw up their own HVAC system? Not to say air duct cleaning companies do poor quality work, but some do. I’ve read reviews. So if you don’t want to mess with it either way, DIY.

Finally, experience. The more times you do something the better you get at it. Air duct cleaning is no different. Sure the first time might suck. Might really suck. But the more times you do it the easier it will get. Maybe have a professional come out and do it the first time and watch and learn. Then the hard part is over and you can keep it clean by doing frequent cleanings. Smart ey?

So that’s 3 for the Pros. What about the cons?

DIY Air Duct Cleaning Cons

Equipment. No job is easy when you don’t have the proper equipment to do it well. You may not need expensive equipment to do an air duct cleaning, but having professional tools gives you a professional clean. So it may be expensive buying equipment to do your air duct cleaning.

What about time? If you don’t know what you’re doing a simple two hour cleaning could turn into a weekend nightmare. What if you’re busy? Probably be better to hire a professional that will have the staff and equipment to get the job done lickity split.

Injury. Where is your HVAC ductworks? In the attic! Let’s think about this. You could fall and put yourself out of commission. You will be hauling long heavy hoses all through the house. Up and down ladders. Things everywhere to trip over. And dust everywhere. Not the safest of environments. If you don’t have proper eye pro, knee pro, and safety gear you could be in for a bruising.

Well that’s all for this episode folks. Thanks for hanging out. Stay tuned for more DIY madness.